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Is a Network Nurse an employee?
No. A Network Nurse is an independent contractor who has a signed contract with our Nurse Network to complete on-site assessments on a casual, on-call basis.

What kind of work will I be asked to do?
Our Network Nurses perform assessments in the client’s home and/or facility. The assessments are used to gather information regarding the client’s ADL, IADL and cognitive status, as well as medical history, medications and environment.

What is Care Coordination?
Our Network Nurses work collaboratively with a RN Care Coordinator Specialist in our office. Our goal is to assist clients in establishing the services they need in order to remain safe while maximizing their ability to recover. Achieving this goal may require follow-up visits to the client, or the development and implementation of a plan of care with the client and their family.

Do I need to complete a certain number of assessments per year?
No. As a Network Nurse, it is your option to accept or turn down assessments according to your schedule. This is a casual on-call position.

How far do I have to travel?
We attempt to contact you only with referrals within a 25-mile radius of your location. If you go beyond this 50-mile round trip, We will add an incremental reimbursement for additional miles traveled.

What is the reimbursement?
Our Network Nurses are reimbursed at competitive flat rates based on the type of assessment. The IRS differentiates between employees and independent contractors; therefore, all incidental expenses (mail/fax, travel and mileage) must be included in the flat fee reimbursement. For additional information regarding your tax status as an independent contractor, consult your tax accountant. Reimbursement for Care Coordination is at an hourly rate.

How much work might I have in my area?
The number of referrals a Network Nurse receives will vary depending upon the needs of our insurance company customers.

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